Christmas Without You

This Christmas I am all alone
This Christmas I have no one to hold
This Christmas is the day I fade away
Last Christmas I was happy
Last Christmas I had you
The devil within you took over your body
Killed your soul
Killed your mind
Why did you have to go?
Christmas is not the same without you

by Muriel Ruth Emerson

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Dante's Inferno: condenced and updated and a lot more fun to read. Excellent piece Prof and in these days of relativeness, a very thoughtful piece.
The usual funniness, sharp as a tackedness and oh that's actually quite a good pointedness from you Prof. Ya just keep getting better. Hugs Anna xxx
The Hindus say that the justic you get doled out, is that you become the stakee, the murderee, next time, dose of your own medicine so to speak... neat...thing is, at what level do you register this? Obviously not the gee whizz level, perhaps your conscience stirs...and are you murdered in turn by your victim, hey big deal, or have they moved on...? Wow, eternal justice is way off the curriculum. Finishing schools don't really quite live up to their name.
Hey Prof, I remember those Indian burns and may prefer the bonk on the head. One of those car sweepers has a handful of my change. Maybe it got caught up in the sweeper. If he goes to hell I hope he has to use a fifty cent pay toilet and only has thirty five cents. Fun Write.