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Ships Of Stone

There is a vision I behold
Where ships of stone float on a sea of liquid gold
To ancient quays from whence lead fine canals
Straight to the hearts of cities Aeons old

Of what I see in this strange vision nothing leaves me in such awe
As when I look upon the faces of the personalities that stand
Serene and silent in their places as the ships of stone slide by
To those quays and ancient places, to the cities Aeons old

Such serenity, such peace, I have never seen before
Finely sculptured perfect features leave they in my memory store
Graceful figures silhouetted, waves of gold break on the shore

Now I know of no sound reason why I should present myself
With such a vision, deep impression, of so dignified a state
Having never to my knowledge ever heard or read or seen
Of so clearly defined image I can only then assume
That the origin of this strange vision, dream experience, was due
To the cheese I ate at midnight, or the wine I drank with you

Yet there is no doubt within me that this place I saw is there
That this very place existed on some far off distant shore
On some far off distant planet seas of gold stone ships will bear

What ere the case I do not care
For at the end it is
That I am left this lasting vision
Silent gliding ships of stone
On a planet of tranquillity
That forever is my own

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You have an ability to take the reader off to different realms. Like Robert Louis Stevenson or Jules Verne. I'm at home with your work.