Valentine Desire

Just like a plant
Planted in the skies,
They bloom blue
Just like the gloomy pasture,
We can feed joy from it
are my valentine desire! ! !

My soul wonder's
My heartbeat wander's
The sounding throbbing of its Rhythm
Accompanied by your sudden appearance
I can feel the magic
I can feel the static motion
Though it's fluctuating
You are my valentine desire! ! !

I force my mouth to open
My lips to separate
My tongue to roll out the words
But they seem confused
With this illusion set up by mind
I lack words to say to you
You are my valentine desire! ! !

At this junction
All I can hear is commotion
Attracting my attention
Yes! Finally!
My lips have let loose itself
My tongue has begun to roll
My nerves have sent the messages to my brain
Though I'm still lost of words
You are my valentine desire! ! !

The yoke has broken
These words,
Which I'm sure you have heard a thousand times are out
But, this time I believe that it is out in a special and honest way
A unique and magical way
As the words walk down the isle of my lips
They have arrived
'men think that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride on it
And trust me,
You are my greatest wish
My love for you has got me trapped in a wilderness of abundance
Filled with roses and vegetation
It's more than a crush
It's more than a like
It's more than lust
It's true love
It won't end today
Will you be my valentine date?
You are my valentine desire! ! !

by Arnee Akpan

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Why did he use the words "pregnant night" ? Maybe to tell how much was the sky was full of clouds ?
Haunting. Seems some things we want or need or think we need are always just out of sight or out of reach...
I noticed Mr. Dunbar mentioned a signal cannon in this poem, which was once used by vessels to alert US Customs officials that they had arrived in harbor. As a former Customs Officer I was curious about why he was looking for a ship in harbor so I read his biography page. If you haven't done that yet then I suggest that you please do. Mr. Dunbar is quite fascinating and was friends with the likes of Orville and Wilbur Wright. This is my first encounter with his poetry but I am looking forward to reading much more.
Died very young, unfair, like John Keats. He could have produced more! We should feel lucky that we are living long.
lou guzman- if you want to know more about l. dunbar, read as many of his poems as you can! morning and ships that pass in the night are just one side of his poems!
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