I feel like I’ve been caught in the tide
And washed away into the salted sea
I wish I could land in a better place
Where I could live and be free
I find myself shipwrecked
Upon a distant magical land
My journey becomes imprinted
As I place my footprints upon golden sand.
This beautiful place does not judge
It respects me for me
I wish I could stay in this Eden
Where I could remain content and free
My story has become re-written
As I travel along this road
The road will guide me home
As it bears my heavy load
My worries become lifted
As the guides remove my pain
The warmth upon my skin
Feels like warm summers rain
Since I became shipwrecked
Upon this magical land above
The fear I once had
Has now melted away with love

by nicola burkett

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A lovely write. A wonderful land filled with hope and love. Patricia Gale