(2001) Emotional Turmoil

Do you see
what you do to me
every time you walk away
or whenever
a cruel word falls from your lips...

A saddened world evolves
into a violent universe
tossing me ever which way
not knowing where I am headed
or when it will end...

I want to show you
what goes through my mind
as I watch my world fall apart
so that somehow it will convince you
to stay.

by Deana Rode

Comments (3)

Gloriously written, sublimely versed.
What is so lovely about this poem is that there is so much emotion between every word and line. There is a lot of suspense and this suspense postpones the different meanings to the reader - for those who see that of course. It's like a story in which each segment is revealed piece by piece. The first three lines introduce the reader to a hopelessness that outlasts the whole poem. The allusions to a ship sailing on the sea is too very beautiful! I love it!
Very nice and very sad. Nicely penned.