Poem Hunter
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)


A tender love forever left unspoken
My one true desire was to smell her feet
Her presence always comforting
and smile to die for gratifying as ever
If she's bored so are you
so you'd just spend time together

She was shy to a camera
Well-kept, quite proper, and never uncouth
A simple girl in our time
not extravagant, instead quite humble
Ask her an embarrassing question
and always receive a low mumble

Watching movies with her was different
than the experience with other folks
I longed to see her reaction to scenes
and her shrouded smiles after corny jokes

Somehow I knew that when her soul was at peace
all was right in the universe and would not soon cease
Like many things this poem won't do her justice
enjoy this snapshot and simply try to trust this.


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Comments (1)

Smelling her feet certainly caught my attention. Afraid it was all downhill after that. At least you didn't mention her soul. Oh, wait a minute, you did. REALLY downhill.