Catch Up And Let's Mix

After years of sacrifice
And heartbreaking devotion.
Being a care provider...
Giving up possessions for sessions
Of despensing medications
Driving back and forth to keep appointments
Made with this doctor and that doctor.
Having little rest OR sleep for days
Weeks and years.
Trying to hold on the best I could
Because what I had done was not for myself,
But for my parents I love more than nothing else...
And one day you knock on my door,
As if there was a 'final' test to annoy what I had left!

And I thought to myself...
'Where were they when I needed
A helping hand to come my way?
When I needed a friend...
Not one friend could I call upon or depend!
And they knew I was struggling at my wits end!
And now that I'm 'back'...
They believe I want to share my peace with them?
I don't think so! '

I don't want to sound rude...
Or do anything crude.
But I'll share a lesson with you
Like we did as classmates in school!
You ready...?

'Sure! '

Repeat after me...YOU







'MY! Hey Are you gonna say,
'You can kiss my ass! ? '

No 'A'...
But you'll go away,
Knowing you 'Got It'
Now if you don't mind...
I have things to do!
You've shown me what you thought,
Years ago when I needed you!
I'm not taking time for this 'Catch-up and let's mix,
Bullshit! '
Turn around!
You've got lots of space.
Enough for you to get out of my face.
I'm going to shut the door...
You will hear a click,
And that's your signal to leave and quick!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Very powerful poem..superb prescient!
I feel my interest in Jeffers is my travel in the big sur area. All of his work I see in that way. With the back dropp of that pacific coast area.His work is haunting to me