Shivers Of Excitement

Lord Vetinari understands the human psyche so well
he thinks smuggling is rather swell, develops enterprise,
stealth and original thinking, allowing average people
to experience shivers of excitement

Lord Vetinari recommends everyone to break the law in
delightfully delicious ways from time to time, it keeps the
brain sane - lovely advice; though I break the law simply
because my brain wiring is wrong - it still is

Necessary to combat the pangs of conscience when my
brain synapses misfire while I am paid to play at being a
machine, a robot on autopilot, the problem being auto-
function is non-existent in me - it seems

Just to be alive is already a transgression against the well-
regulated people I meet who enjoy being machines and
do not know the meaning of the term existential crisis;
they KNOW they were born to serve

While I always suspect a conspiracy to hide that we were
born to LIVE – to have fun while knowing we can’t get it
done, there is no objective right or wrong, simply a set
of self-made human rules

Snuff – Terry Pratchett, Doubleday,2011
Quotes from pp 18&19

by Margaret Alice Second

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