Shocked Dreams.....

Poem By hazem al jaber

lost hope..
and lost a dreams...
and every thing, is over,
until, ,
a dream became such as a mirage, , ,
and my resary sheer dreams, was broken..
also, lost my directions...

dreamed, ,
and dreamed
and also dreamed...
and became so big, my dreams, , ,
staying up all a night thinking,
and string and draw, , ,
and writing a poetry...
waiting a word, ,
waiting a thread of hopness..
and expecting a happiness, , , ,
but, , , ,
became so long waiting..
and every day my dreams become so big..
then, ,
i drawing a nice dreams and hopes, ,
and thinking about dazzling future, ,
happy i am..
to draw a nice smile on my beloved lips..
to reach my wishes, which i hoped from a long go...
to start my new page, ,
but, , ,
its a wishes, ,
start wishes..
still wishes, , ,
and its over as a mirage...
and a fancy lived it all a time..
fancy, to escape from a fate..
fancy, which i drawed it in a beauty form
but it was a destiny which gave me a warm hope..

oh, how terrible! ! ! !
calamity! ! ! !
tragedy! ! !

oh god...
gave you my hand,
and ask you for a mercy..
get me out from this trouble, ,
that fate mocked at me..
fate gave me a hopes and draw to me a sweet dreams..
i drawed, decided and keeped on my position, ,
to draw a new path to my life
a future full of with happeness..
decided to start carrying out, ,
but...! ! !
i wake up..
and found my self in a deep sadness...

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