I found myself staring at the ceiling
This sadness is killing me from within
Memories of happy moments flashed
One more time I heard my heart crushed

Will those moments ever happen again
Or will you just leave me here so broken?
The joy of the past is haunting me
I wonder when will i ever break free?

You put a smile on my face
And a mark I can never erase
Flashes of lightning
Teardrops are falling

I am drowned by sadness
I am missing your tender kisses
You crushed my heart like no one did
Searched my heart for the will to forgive

One day I will find the light
The love i feel for you,
I will no longer fight.

by Marigold Baylon

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A nice poetic imagination, Jayl. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks