Two Cowpokes

Once there were two old cowpokes,
Their names were Dan and Sam.
They shared their whiskey and their smokes;
They shared their beans and ham.

Each had his dachshund and a horse, and a well-worn Colt six-gun.
After a week of herding cows, they'd go to town for fun.
First, they'd go to have a sizzling steak and a drink at the saloon,
Then to meet a pretty dance-hall girl and sing a cowboy tune.
At midnight, with their dachshunds, they'd serenade the moon.

One day, a new man came to town who wasn't from the West.
He had a briefcase and wore a suit with a two-pocket vest.
He said he'd come to write about the cowboys and their ways,
And said with Sam and Dan he'd like to spend a couple days.

The horses he could understand, also the guns and ropes,
And how to chase an errant calf across the desert slopes.
The dachshunds had him quite bemused, the need for them was foggy,
Until he heard the cowboy tune 'Get a long, little doggie'.

by Robert Eckstein

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