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Shoebox 03/2005
By Matt Gardner

A 4-photo strip of a complete stranger you
Would have met a minute before you turned the corner
A paperback copy of “A Catcher in the Rye”
The pages, tea stained and curled
A key-ring holding keys to unknown doors from the past
A cassette tape with a mix of Coltrane, Miles & Brubeck
The bouncing notes, the soundtrack of a busy subway
An expired Passport
Faded blue and black stamps – to prove you were there
A collection of European currency
A ticket stub from a Paris train
A napkin with a lipstick kiss – lips unknown…
Tracing the outline of their fullness
A receipt from a café – a croissant, hot tea, cheese and fruit – 20 francs
Big City Street maps – London, Paris, New York & Boston
A blank postcard from the Grand Canyon,
the feminine power of water moving over her earth husband
Pictures of Los Angeles –
Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory & the Sunset Strip
Greek theatre ticket stub – 10,000 Maniacs,1993
A phone number – not in service
No longer waiting for you call
Bottle caps, wine corks and felt coasters
Lubricated social gatherings; blurry, intoxicated bliss
A love letter signed – Simone
She had black hair and soft caramel skin
An unpaid parking ticket – Newark, New Jersey
Newspaper clippings, obituary notice
a friend left us too soon.
Shoebox; time capsule of stolen moments of random life
Memories come rushing back
Some like the smell of warm cookies from a grandmother’s kitchen
Others like the first taste of blood in your mouth
Metallic and cold, causing your fillings to tingle.

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Perhaps you need to 'declutter' your life, it's amazing how much stuff we hoard, and get setimental over. They seemed very precious at the time, but later......... Sincerely Ernestine. PS. An interesting poem.