Fantasy's Hamlet

Poem By Konab Ghumman

Heel to heel, toes apart her feet were, making a line.
Fuzzy hair was sweet and teaching; “what’s wrong? ”
I questioned, not looking at leg, knee and the above.

Carla too, Vanessa, few more being same
They forced me look around; questioning
Funnily I saw shoes; real feet were absent.

They all shared this habit
Bare foot and on chair sit.

On my side eyes saw shoes,
All around world was shoes
Mind controlled seeing shoe
And the ears and the tongue

The eyes were microscopes, telescopes
Were agents for my mind and in wrong
No matter, what the fact talked of shoe
President-Brain, controlled ears-tongue

Came commands of attack
Bush ordered the murderer
Bombers flying on Afghan
Fire power repeated in Iraq
Friends, foes pool of blood
CIA, NSA’s cells on Globe

So Crime’s newest; Ukraine
And I asked “What’s this, ”?

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