RP (22.04.1990 / South Africa; George)

Shona Like

Doing what my Shona like.
Doing what my Shona might.
She’s my baby,
My every-thing
What I wouldn’t do without her.
She’s my lovely dovey apple pie.

When you not with me I ache in pain.
I cry like rain,
Full of pain I sit and wonder where you are where you been,
Maby you thinking of me cause I’m surely wondering.

Doing things that I like because it’s your course for me doing,
When I pretend that my Shona is with me,
I get what I didn’t expect and that is the real thing to face forward till the end.
No turning back from what I feel.
Like things is not what I wanted it to be.

My Shona is my Shona to be,
When and whatever I need,
The future in the visions and the wife I see.
The life I see unexpectedly my life turns around and everything I dreamed is now my reality.
My wife the Shone and me,
We together and everything’s perfect just as it should be.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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