(04 October 1943 / Germany)

You And Me: Friends Forever

You and Me: Friends Forever

All of us need, one friend so true
To be with us always, like I have you..
You and me, are friends forever
No matter how's time, I'll leave you never....

My life is beautiful, ever since you came
I have all the smiles, no more troubles or pain...
Now I have someone to listen me through
Someone who supports and cares me true....

You wipe my tears, whenever I am sad
Always stay with me, whether time is good or bad...
You laugh with my laughter, always make me smile
You're there for me always, walk with me every mile....

I wish I could be as good friend as you are to me
You are very special; I wish to make you believe...
You are my support, a shoulder on which I can rely
Weather may change, but you stay with me, like my sky....

You, me, everyone needs one friend so true
To share, to care, to be always with you...
You are my best friend, we are friends forever
No matter how's time, we'll always stay together! ! !

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Note: I wrote this poem on request of Dia, who wanted me to write something on friends forever. This is my first ever try to write a poem friendship. :)

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