KT (1979 / Northern estern Tibet)

Fly With Me

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Fly with me.
Why do you just kiss in the dark street?
Oh, fly with me.
There is more to know though the lips are sweet.

Fly with me.
Say good-bye to the bees lost in flowers and trees.
Oh, fly with me
Over the mountains, across the seas.

Fly with me
Into wherever our minds can see.
Oh, fly with me
Beyond what our present being seems to be.

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Comments (25)

" My life not their death My death not their death" Intriguing yet thought provoking poem.
One of the best poems by Charles Bukowski.......
A powerful and poignant write. Liked the ultimate stanza. Thought provoking lines.
my life not their death my death not their death…touching expression with nice theme. Beautiful poem on Life
" Like a flower in the dance" ! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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