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Shopping In Heaven
GDB (March 3,1948 / Merrimac, WV)

Shopping In Heaven

Poem By Gladys Darlene Browning

If I could visit Heaven
And pick out what I need
From all the older prophets
I would feel good indeed.

I think I'll take Jobs' patience
The great wisdom of Soloman
The endurance of Moses
I can make it, I know I can.

I'd like to obey like Noah
The faith of brother Dan
With the strength of Samson
I can firmly stand.

I want the love of Abraham
The resilience of Saul
With the humbleness of Timothy
I could preach to all.

But, I am more like Peter
I have a stubborn streak
My brain doesn't always have time to think
Before I open my mouth to think.

But, God doesn't make duplicates
He makes us all unique
Some are strong and buoyant
Some are mild and weak.

Some may sing like David
Some may preach like Paul
Some may run like Jonah
But, God still loves us all.

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