Shopping Should Be Fun

Poem By Audrey Heller

Here we go again, the mad rush is on!
With list in hand, looking for all the
bargains, before they're gone! It's a real
rat race out there, to find all that you're
looking for. It's just ridiculous going in and
out, of every single store! Every year,
people gear themselves up to stay in line,
waitng for hours and hours, just to find the
specials, of the day. I'm not one of them, I
do it, the old fashioned way! To go shopping
should be fun and an art. Going around at
your leisure and put your purchases, in your
cart! Who in their right mind, would want to
be pushed around, where you have no space,
to walk, or even move? Frankly speaking,
that's not, my groove! I like to take my time,
sit down and rest, have a cup of coffee and
then continue on my way. I'll not be overtaxed,
I'll still, be in a good mood and that to me, is
worth everything, as what more, can I say? So
shop in style, with a smile, don't run yourself
down, it really doesn't pay. In the end, my
friend, you'll be awfully glad, you did it, my way!

Comments about Shopping Should Be Fun

This is observational poetry at its best, Thank god xmas shopping is over and I will see if I can find my poem about women buying shoes and put it on my list Cheers Keith Oldrey

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