Poem By Tim Harman

I have stood on the shoreline
Alone and watched the waves
Wear down the biggest stones
I didn't notice it at first
But as I watched daily
The damage begins to show
Seagulls dance like vultures
Picking up scraps
Bits of life
Who were beaten by the waves
Bits of lives, touched
Once held and now helpless

I have walked on the shoreline
And wondered at the driftwood
Collected like dreams
Swept on shore and held
Until a fresh tide takes them again

I have stood
Coat buttoned against the cold
Hands thrust deep into pockets
Empty pockets
I have stood on the very edge of this precious land
The thin line between life and the uncertainty
And heard the call of the sea
The call of the eternal mother

Who both gives life
And takes it

I have stood and waited for you
As I wait for you now
To hold you so high
Above the shoreline

We have walked on the shoreline
Two souls brought together
like driftwood
The footprints we left
Have long passed
Into the memory of the beach
The sea has washed the shore
As love has cleansed us
Bleached our very souls
We stand before each other now
The gift we brought back from the beach
Was given because we needed it
We love because we need love
Only those who give love
Are fit to be loved
We have both given so much
Washed so deep
Even old footprints
Left by the lives passing through ours
Are now fading
I am turning now
To follow a path by your side
And you a path by mine
Away from the shoreline.

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