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Short Cut

She came, she saw, but conquered not,
The battles to be fought,
The final straw descended,
To break the camel’s back.

Her problems vast before her,
Solutions not in sight,
No friends around to help now,
No guiding, shining light.

And lonely in her solitude,
Her spirit in despair,
The love and care of family,
Not suffice to keep her there.

Her darkest hour came on her,
Her defences all but gone,
A spontaneous decision,
To take, a short cut home.

And quietly slipping through the door,
On to another realm,
Did she think no one would miss her,
Did she leave a note behind.

And did she know the trauma,
Her passing would convey,
To those of us who loved her,
And need her here today.

Did she shed a tear of sorrow,
Or regret the choice she made,
Did she take her problems with her,
As, she quietly slipped away.

And will she now have found the light,
Which shines from God above,
To lead her to a place of rest,
And those, who guide and love.

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