Short Distance (The Last Part)

Part 2 of 2 (The evil version i hope you all like it)

My heart broke as I feel sick within my own stomach.

Pain has grasp me and anger fuels up my evil thought, i walked quietly

towards her backyard finding a tool to fit the devilish deed I want to

commit. 'A shed...' I declared, as i went in to open the door to my fate

a chainsaw, a hook, a shovel made me say, 'check and mate....' the

shovel is was i chose to finish what my relationship had like the

bleeding rose. I dragged the empty shovel towards the back door i

opened it slowly as i creeped around the floor, I see my prey as he

didnt know i went to the living room and split his head open as blood

sprayed he was no more, as long but not least i see the lying cheat i

walked up to her in a heartbeat. She said, 'Who are you and what the

hell! ? ! ' I replied, 'Don't you remember love you left me to die? Now let

my wipe your tears when your second lover has just died! ' I raise up

the shovel as i never before but the door busted down as the cops

went through the door 'Freeze! ' they said so I replied, 'DROP

DEAD! ! ! ' I ran as never before like Springheel Jak and killed the first

cop by the door, couple shots were rang by the floor i lay on the

ground dying as i looked at her one last time and said, 'Mi amor...' my

eyes lay closed hearing her screams and sobs are here and there but

nevermore. Once a year on a blue moon, my soul keeps on wearing

my corpse, pain and suffering is my course, all the people who knows

my name quite well I will kill them all right now before I return burning in

Hell my name is turned by them as Jack the Ripper as they bleed and

dwell. As my journal is read and done my eternal return of blood and

pain has just begun.

by Loveless Poet (Kyle S.)

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