Little Green Buttons

The honeymoon ended a decade ago,
If he still loves her he don't say so,
So she's taking her blues to the House af Tattoos,
Getting little green buttons on her birthday suit.
Little green buttons all in a row
From her face to the place they ain't never gonna slow.
Might sound crazy but they sure look cute,
Those little green buttons on her birthday suit.
She had supper in the oven when he came home,
Now he's snoring on the sofa to the Late, Late Show.
It was ten days later before he knew
'Bout those little green buttons on her birthday suit.
But now she's living in a house of love,
She's got his attention, he can't get enough
He spends every evening trying to undo
The little green buttons on her birthday suit.

by Shel Silverstein

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the entire text can be read below (posted as a comment by Jarrod Burns - thanks Jarrod!)
Thanks for that then. Yeah, it's a good poem, all right. Bukowski always has a wry humour and savage outlook, that's why you have to love him.
I've noticed this happens a lot on this site, the work isn't finished. I like this one so much I signed up to post the entire thing. 'I took my girlfriend to your last poetry reading, she said. yes, yes? I asked. she's young and pretty, she said. and? I asked. she hated your guts. then she stretched out on the couch and pulled off her boots. I don't have very good legs, she said. all right, I thought, I don't have very good poetry; she doesn't have very good legs. scramble two.'