LM (7/12/37 / Pawtucket, R. I.)

Short Testimony

Bouncing along thinking nothing was wrong,
When one day came the words to a song,
'He could have called ten thoursand angels, ' they sang,
'To destroy the world and set Him free, ' the words rang,

They continued, 'But He died alone for you and me, '
The words and melody just would not let me be,
I thought I was doing OK? Why did I feel so weak?
Why could I not stop the tears running down my check?

I knew about Jesus, I knew about the cross,
I was doing alright, but why this feeling of loss?
Suddenly! I saw Jesus as never before,
I needed Him, I wanted Him, I seached for more,

I was dead in my transgression and sin,
Until I allowed Jesus to cleanse from within,
Joy fills my heart at the mention of His Name,
Since then, my life has not been the same,

I am not the same old me,
I have been 'Born Again, ' you see,
This is not a tale, this is true,
He changed my life, He can change yours too,

No need to fuss, just come as you are,
Know that Jesus is waiting and is not too far,
Right now He is calling, calling to you,
He wants to be your Lord, and your Savior too.

This is a short version of my testimony. Won; t you
claim Jesus for your own? I would like to hear your
testimony. (Kingskid)

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