I'd love to wake up next to you,
To breathe the morning air
And smell the scent upon your neck;
Caress your long dark hair.

I'd love to kiss your shoulders
And your perky little breasts
And gently stroke your belly and
Your fingers and then next

I'd love to run my hands
Between your silky milky thighs
And find your sex all eager and
Mine own increase in size.

I'd love to pin you down onto
The bed on which you be,
And place myself between your legs
And drown in ecstasy.

©2007 Jon Lloyd

by Jon Lloyd

Comments (2)

I took a short cut once, and added 2 hours onto my 30 minute journey. But, hey, thats me, always getting lost. Love, Fran the Fan xx
Great humor... so why take a shortcut? To start a movement and save on Pavement ^^ liked that bit~ Preets