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Shot In The Dark

Shot In The Dark

The moon shone sorrowfully
In the middle of the night
A tree trembled with fright
As the wind whipped its branches
Night birds sang sad songs
Then a lost soul wailed bitterly

He pleaded for a second chance
His request was not granted
"I don't want to go there,
Please don't let me go there! "
Like a waterfall his tears ran out
As he compared both gates

His corpse is lying at the corridor of someone's house
Pistol in his left hand - dagger in his right
Mask on his face and bullets all over his body
His gang fled when it got tough …
They left him alone with the police.

He wept in contrition and begged for forgiveness
"Depart from me evil one! "
A mighty voice shook the realm
Filled with regrets his tears ran out endlessly
As he was driven from the beautiful gate.

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I like the 'journey' but the ride is a bit 'bumpy! NDIDI? Check out the spelling on 'trenodies'..maybe it's right. The poem is a 'little' dark as intended...and yet, verifies that there is a power GREAT that does not allow evil! L