Should All Man's Exertions Come To Naught

Should all man's exertions and efforts come to naught
(as all are wont to do in time's vast flow)
crumbled with ages, fallen 'neath the sea, or so
totally lost through numerous means, existence fraught

with peril: fragile as a leaf tossed in the wind,
blown thither & yon, dancing along a flowered field.
Like the leaf we need pray for grace to yield
to Spirit's breath so our souls surrender, dance in kind

and worry not of anything we may leave
nor of reputation's gilded or tarnished lies:
To perceive self with loving yet unjaundiced eyes
accepting those truths with detachment, not grieve

a false image or what we might gain or lose,
but take back our power, our freedom to choose.

(Copyright 3/19/2006)

by Hugh Cobb

Comments (4)

fine, damn fine writing, Hugh. something new yet classical to complement the old, but contemporary piece i just read. i should let mr. gunn in on this piece. you display great versatility in your work!
Blessed be indeed! Wonderfully uplifting advice we should all heed. Hugs Anna xxx
Hugh this was a delight to read. May have been political, yet written so diverse for all man's exertions, much freedom in the crafted lines. :) Beautiful.
Not a bad poem, but there's something conventional almost cliched about some of the lines. But it possessed a nice flow. -LP