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'Should I'
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'Should I'

Should I tell you what it does to me.. to get too close to you...
And lose control of everything.. I've tried to hold onto,
Should I tell you how I really feel.. though you don't feel the same?
Or play like there's no pain at all.. and to me its just a game,
Should I turn away, when you look at me..and say its all been lies...
Because there's nothing that I wouldn't do.. when I look into blue eyes,
Do I hide the fact.. that I'm in love.. and never let you see...
That everything you are.. means everything to me,
Do I talk about the sleepless nights.. or that I dream of you...
Or do keep it all inside.. the way I always do,
I can't let you see the pain.. and I won't let you know...
A heart in love.. all alone.. has no place to go,
Should I tell you what you mean to me.. as the chips fall where they may...
Or take this broken heart and run........... far.. far.. away.

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