LS (7-15-88 / Bellingham, WA)

Should I...?

I am very fond of a womans touch
That's right, I am a full blown lesbion
My desire runs like blood from a cut.
Each girl in my game is only a pawn.

But that wanting need, to gain motherhood
I shall count how many years that will be.
That wanting need to feel red hardened flesh.
To long for that touch of a boy ain't me.

Denial then rears it's great, ugly face.
I offer no emotion to this boy
The great need to get off is done in haste
The thrill of handeling him like a toy.

He is very drunk and I, very stoned,
'real sex: Thirty' seems to have stirred him up.
The cool rain drizzles, the moon longer shone.
His breath ragged as he works it up, STOP.

His best friend, my step-brother is right there.
We both try to will him to go away.
He works it off like he was pissing; Fair.
Oh well, maybe next time, wait for me 'kay?

Written: 4-20-05

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fascinating introspective. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing your body of work grow with more life experiences.