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Should I Hate Him?
AU (7th march 1990 / )

Should I Hate Him?

The goodness in bad will never die
The bad in goodness dormantly lies
Everything bad is good it means
Or do i need to hate even the good deeds? ?

The impureness of purity is always quoted
The pureness of impurity is never noted
Kill the killer take his life, ought to be punished for his crime
it's the end of a criminal they say
But it's also the death of a daughters' hero
Just see her pray

The strong protective hands she'll miss
Her dad's hug, his mere presence is all she wishes
Her hero had a darker side
She knows not, she accepts not and she cares not
Bursting within her is what none can answer
'Everything bad is good it means
or do i need to hate even the good deeds? ? '

The love for his son was not fake
Yes, the devilish eyes dreamt of his son's bright future
Not like him... becoming a butcher
Those blooded hands pat on his sons' back
His holding the son's bicycle to ride on track
But none will ever happen again
His father's life back- the son wishes only if he could bargain
And bursting within him is what none can answer
'Everything bad is good it means
or do i need to hate even the good deeds? ? '

A smile rips apart her face
As today his teary mother does bake his favourite cake
For it's the death of the bad in her good son
Celebrating with the tears of sorrow, a joy;
The end of the evil son she never gave birth to
Her heart is numb for a vital part
of her heart will today be hung
For her entire life she so much wanted to kill the bad in him
And today she just has one thing to ask which none can answer-
'Everything bad is good it means
or do i need to hate even the good deeds? ? '


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Astounding poem, simple and to the point, regarding the other side of the coin. The relatives of the criminals, their innocence and goodness compared to the bad ones. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
call for seek to good in bad is good. comparing the careness of the daughter or loved one with the killer is fine. But when it made elaborate for no death for a kill began for more unhumane in our society. To keep out society and people in safety there should be a kill for a killing. crime cannot beglorified
this is such a beautiful write.simply amazing.liked it.
Sometimes we become victims of circumstances. Nobody is perfect, here in New York City so far more than 10 politicians are doing jail time for corruption after proving their good deeds for years and now they disgraced. Only a man with wide open eyes and without greed can survive cleanly and avoid these missteps in life! Excellent write, well penned and poignant! Love and Peace for always!
I'm highly impressed the way you've plotted the feelings of dearest ones of the criminals....Thatz really amazing..... No one is born criminal anways, it's the circumstances that draw him towards wrong path and no one is bad, it's the attitude of people that compel him to be bad... Nice written.
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