Should I.. Or Shouldn'T I..

Should I stay..
Should I leave?
Should I hate..
Should I love?
Should I disobey..
Should I listen?
Should I be nice..
Should I be heartless?
Should I be kind..
Should I be cruel?
Should I be afraid..
Should I be strong?
Should I be sad..
Should I be happy?
Should I cry..
Should I laugh?
Should I let my emotion rules myself
and just do what I want?
Should I just stop asking myself
what should I do now and what shouldn't I do?
Should I just listen to what the voices
in my head saying to me?
But I end up smiling and smiling
for what should I have to say the next..
Should I continue,
Should I stop?
Should I.. or shouldn't I?
Where should I begin again and where should I end?
Should I or shouldn't I?
What would you do if you we're in this situation right now?
Would you do something or just let it be,
and then you start with your own riots..
Will you..? would you..?
Should you.. or shouldn't you?
What do you think?
Cus i'm confused I have no clue and I dont know
what am i suppossed to do..
What to do oh.. What to do! !

by Zaarah Jasmin

Comments (3)

damn! ! ! ! that was hell of good. i really enjoyed the way you asked all of the important questions. sometimes we are left with positives and negitives the only person who know what's right is yourself. trust yourself cuz when you confuse you are truely the only person who would know what to do.
your words represent the confusions of many a young hearts...good work...10
Follow your heart the rest will catch up with you, nicely thought out poem