Should I Wear My 3-D Glasses?

Who are they in those cages?

'They are the ones,
Who couldn't believe
They were being deceived!
And when they discovered they were...
They went nuts.
And started roaming the streets.
Begging from those living in the inner city,
For food to eat! '

And who ar they over there?

'Those are the ones who lived in the inner city! '

How come they don't look crazy like the others?

'They've been used to being locked up.
Most of them all their lives! '

~Boston! You gotta bid higher than a 4 low,
If you playing with me.
Bring me some chips and a Heinekein,
If there are any left.~

What's a 4 low?

'I don't know!
That exhibit has been there for years.'

How come their cage door is open,
And unlocked?

'Who knows?
Maybe they are just comfortable being there.
Come on.
Let's look at the new exhibit upstairs.
I really want you to see that one! '

Why mommy?

'That's the one they are talking about!
They actually have on display,
Several groups of different people...
Who are expressing affection, concern and respect
For each other.
I want you to see that one.
I don't believe it myself! '

What is that one called?

'Death of Pretensions.
It has been filmed! '

Should I wear my 3-D glasses?

'Yes! I'm glad you reminded me.
I want you to get front seats.
I want you to sit up close.
I'll be sitting right behind you.'

Why, mommy?

'I don't know if I'm ready for it.
Your young.
You can handle it.
While you are here...
I may go back to find out what a 'Boston' is! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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