Should I

Overjoyed when I finally see your name
Should I make the first move or can I count on you
The sight of your name leaves me so anxious and tempted
But I fear that you might see my message as desperate
I’ll give you a moment longer
Why won’t you say anything, do you not see my pain
What happens if I wait to long
I don’t want to hear the sound of that door closing
Please o please say something quick
If you don’t my heart will surely stop
O here come the butterflies again
As I sit staring you make my insides turn
My chest feels light but oh so heavy
You are still silent, should I initiate
Will you see my cry as desperation?
Listen to me now, do you see how much you mean to me
Your opinion holds so steady in my mind
Why is it not ringing true now?
I think I will do it; I will be the one to say hi
Let’s see the response, O how my heart aches
My fingers are numb, but here I go
Please be gentle with my heart, for it is so vulnerable…

by Madeline Fazio

Comments (1)

this was good but i think it would be better if you broke it up a bit, and also you kinda repeated a line that said something about how if you say something, you dont want to come off sounding desperate.i forget now. good job!