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? ? ? Should The Pleading Be Heard? ? ?
AU (7th march 1990 / )

? ? ? Should The Pleading Be Heard? ? ?

No one can define pain
i only wish happiness and sorrows we could strain
The tough times will pass, they say
But what if there's no hope no bright ray.

There's no spring no autumn
All i know is my heart's rotten
Tired of being dependent, being a lump
Surviving on nothing but a pump

i know not how many years have passed
Lying on this bed motionless like a carcass
Speechless, motionless no way can i express
My emotions are all dumped in my head
Believe me it's worse than being dead

i plead 'kill me' they call it a crime
wait everything will heal with time
They say everything can be cured
But i know never can you mend a dead soul
so i'll not be lured

EUTHANASIA they say is what i am asking for
Name it whatever you want i care not
They say its illegal taking a human's life
Are you kidding, i know not what is life

Betrayed by your love, you want to be killed
Failed in life, you want to be killed
Grieved, you want to be killed
Heart-broken, you want to be killed
Now tell me am i asking for a lot
i beg before you to relieve me please, don't let me rot

i beg before you to take my life
i plead before you for a new life
Shouldn't my pleading be heard, am i asking for a lot
Just do me a favour -kill me, don't let me rot.



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nice one again......
A really good poem... Shows that Ur concerned about the people living in such agony...
nice expressions of thoughts........
A weep without sound, but lure for self death will not justified god is the begining he is the last
Good write up.Well conceived, Pain remains undefined...yet there are plenty of dictionary 'explanation'.10/10.
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