(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Should They Be Forgiven

Misunderstandings happen.
But should they be forgiven,
When these scenes are repeated?
With a familiar argument...
Starting again to make even less sense.

Misunderstandings happen.
But should they be forgiven,
When scenes like these are repeated?
To hear the same voice say,
'Let's end this!
And from each other,
Just walk away.'

Some aren't the ones,
Who have a problem with that!
The ones in denial,
Are the ones who keep looking back.
Trying to prove an innocence.
When together time spent,
Neither had been on the same track.

And often having 'chemistry'
Prevents off track distractions.

And it is difficult to say,
To someone once loved...
'Go away.'
But someone should do it.
If misunderstandings continue not to improve,
The communication in a relationship...
That's needing one less fool.

Someone should 'get it' and move on with life quick.
Instead of refusing not to do this,
But stay to annoy until a bitterness gets thick!
With attempts to try enforcing a mending of a split.
And the air reeks of no apparent healing being done,
To avoid any of it.
As those who listen to the same pleas again,
Wish for an immediate bout of amnesia to set in.
Or a door to bolt and cement.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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