(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Should This Disgust

Those who fought and defended then...
Received no respect.
Those young and patriotic...
Came home to neglect.

Homeless and hungry,
And left on streets.
With little of nothing to eat.
To see themselves kicked to the curb...
By those who treat them,
With disdain when the greet.

Embittered they are!
And should they be?
Veterans of war and conflict.
Who have proven their bravery.

Should this disgust the ones,
Who empathize their rights?
Or should those men and women,
Ignore their plight?
Since no one seems to want to defend or fight,
To see them honored day and night as deserved!
Should this disgust...
All of us?
Who are not corrupted,
By self centered lusts!

To all veterans who are called to protect,
The interests of others.
Be you honored or ignored...
You are most deserving to live lives,
Free of wants or needs as a payment for your deeds.

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