Should We Go Amish

Oh how do I tell my parents,
About Jake the amish boy?
And that he means more to me,
Than just another teenage toy.

Sneaking around to see Jake,
Has taken much of my time.
But to me it was special.
It was worth every dime.

We’ve come so far,
That we want others to know,
But we first have to decide,
Which way to go.

He wants to go Amish.
To me that looks dim.
But I understand,
That it must be hard for him.

We could tell his parents,
But that would be hard.
They would tell their pastor.
Jake would surely be scarred.

He’d be put under the shun,
And then also his parents,
Would have to abandon their son,
For dating an englisher.

Then he’d be left in the world,
All on his own,
Except for me by his side,
Still he’d feel alone.

Is it worthy for him,
To abandon his life?
So that he could pursue his love,
And have me as his wife?

It’s a hard decision,
That we’ll have to make,
So that we’ll still be together.
Me and Jake.

by Janneke Tenvoorde

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