Should We Have To Live Like That…?


by Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari Click to read full poem

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No u will never ever have to live like that cause there is someone always praying for you ---you are always her her prayers. nice write kamran and very touching. Never go into this type of thinking--we all love you very much +++++++++10 and regards anju
hmmm...thought provoking....good write
How much of our lives do we control and how much do we blame on Fate? Finding the rational balance is important so that we could live good lives.
Your poems are shaking, you tend to shake my ordinary existence to its foundations, asking tough questions. I like your ardent nihilism in the beginning and the hope of change at the end.
Kamran - Psychic pain is a true nightmare, but as Suzan said, our paths have all ready been injected. This is an excellent poem, but a tragic one, albeit a courageous one. I believe that with acceptance, comes some inner peace.Very well written. Keep your pen full of ink and keep writing verse. Well done!
Our paths have already been injected. Only we have to live it. Excellent verse! Give you 10. Spoken words of a true poet! Best wishes Suzan Gumush
beautiful.......well done
Assalam-al-qium Kamran your words seem to be the true voice, carry on with the same spirit. Ye ek acha poet honay ki nishani hai.Take care. Uzma.
Schizophrenia would be a nightmare, and no one should have to live like that. Insightful and truthful poem. Well said.