(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Should We Still Search For Toto?

We have not yet located the Yellow Brick Road,
Nor the Emerald City!
Although we have studied plans,
For a re-creation!
There is still a chance Dorothy can be found!
It is rumored by the villagers of Munchkinland,
A ruby studded pump carried by a man
Dressed in a lion's suit
Was seen
Having lunch with the wicked witch,
In a diner called West of Kansas!
We have them currently under surveillance...
And monitored for any inappropriate activity!
Mister President...
We have the Tin Man in custody,
And Auntie Em is under sedation!
Our troops are exhausted...
Although everyone has agreed,
This mission must continue!
Whether or not the approaching tornado lands.
Should we still search for Toto?
We do have a replacement in training!
Now that our mission in Oz is nearing completion,
It is advisable to steer the course...
Since victory 'is' inevitable!
We can not reveal a precise date to announce,
For any withdrawals to begin from this addiction
And sir...
We can always change 'victory' to imply,
A probable cause for success?
Terminology and semantics,
Has never been used as a weapon
By our adversaries!
And polls?
As long as we keep it clear...
We refer to the North,
And South poles when regarding our strategy!
There should be no misunderstanding left,
To clarify our purpose AND intent! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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