Shouldn'T We Be More Republic?

Why is the fight...
For democracy
A vision to be enforced by republicans,
Who have long divorced themselves
From the needs of common people?

They are not democrats at all!
But yet they do not hesitate or stall...
To label them librals!
This they will not confess...
Even complex them in distress!

Shouldn't we all be 'republicans'?
Fighting these endless battles?
Shouldn't we all be 'republicates'
With these issues to harnest and saddle?

'I pledge alligence to the...
...and to the 'republic' for which it stands,
One nation under God,
Seems to have slipped from sliding hands! '

There is something very republic about it...
That markets a democracy it misunderstands!

Democratic they may be...
For poster displays plastered in inner cities!
But 'republicans' true they say they are...
And democracy is pursued!
But none is used by far!

For purpose and content...
Their views aren't worth the trash in cans!
If it is true they move as republicans...
Why is democracy costing lives,
By actions 'republicans' command?

'Repeat that pledge again!
This time in its entirety.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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it would be nice to avoid both their parties. i come from a good family, but the Nut in the family, always plans and runs the picnics, on both sides of the family tree.