Country In Despair

Suffering from running nose, bloody vomition and protractile diarrhea
A nation with abundant human and natural resources
Blessed like no other
People talking and always criticizing the government

Who is the government?
The one at the helms of affairs?
Or he who dominates with his selfish ideas
Who turns black to white by his order

Why is this so?
A baton handed down from generation to generation
The babies' hopes are dashed
As poverty is bequeathed to the innocent generation

Yet, they say arise O compatriots
Nobody willing to die for her
The faithful designer of her flag is blinded by poverty
Deserted by friends and family in Ibadan

At the centenary anniversary, after a zillion mistakes
The flag reinforcing her sense of pride
The designer is remembered an given a taste of her honey
With tongue licking his lips he relishes, wondering where he had been all along

We love the status quo
Few rich, many poor
Things may never change
Until the giant of Africa is sapped of all her honey

by Bernard Onoja

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Does any one else who reads/likes French poetry see that his voice is much like that of Jacques Prévert? Prévert is also considered a people's poet although I think his use of the poem's structure to convey meaning is perhaps a bit more skillful than that of Collins. Regardless, I love them both!
Doesn't he mean Wat, a temple in Thailand, and not Wok?
Great poem of these days I just liked it.
A marvelous poem and it is good.
Great imagination and it is a nice poem.
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