(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Show And Tell

Aren't you concern at all,
About what your children carry...
In their backpacks,
When they go off to school?

'Not at all.
Our children have been taught to think,

I've noticed your son is dressed in camouflaged fatigues.
And has hidden his face behind war paint.
What about the rifle he carries?
Is that real?
And those straps filled with ammunition.
Don't you think you should...
Maybe, say something?
Or at least ask him a 'few' questions?

'This was discussed last night.
He told us his class has a 'Show and Tell' session.
And he is going to be the first,
To show and tell them a few things...
He's been wanting to get off his chest.'

I don't want to be one of those 'nosey neighbors'...
I think you should be more pro-active.
More involved with your children.

'Oh we are.
I will be too busy to attend his 'show and tell' event.
I asked my son to get one of his friends to videotape it.
And to my surprise...
When I saw him rehearsing last night,
All of us admitted we had goosebumps.
He was absolutely thrilling.'

Excuse me.
I need to make an urgent call.

'Sure. Sure.
Would you like another cup of coffee?
I can make a fresh pot if you like? '

I need to do this as quickly as possible.
What grade is your son in?

'The 5th!
Why? '

I'll be right back.

'If you don't mind,
Bring us both some donuts.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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