(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Show Me That Scripture

Those restricting their existence,
To live within limits...
Are foolish if they believe,
The Creator of abundance...
Follows this same philosophy.

When there are so many different varieties of life.
So many diverse species,
Inhabiting without being given an approval...
From another,
What their perception is to accept as right.
To control by 'assumptions'.
That are dictated through interpretation...
By those showing an exposed hypocriscy.
And a 'lunacy' obvious and clearly exposed.

If 'this' is what the Creator choose...
Myth as it is known to be documented,
Would not have taken The Almighty years to achieve...
Such a diverse way to destroy what God created in seven days.
IF those who quote from 'myths' knew 'anything...
About what GOD wants!
And I am sure The Creator did not intend,
For fools to dictate human policy and rule!
Show me that scripture.
It needs to be notorized!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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