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Show Me The Way

Hold out a light-
For dark is the world-
And sad is my lot-
I cannot see through this hour of despair.
My tears fall heavy and hot.
You've taken a precious part of me.
My heart? My soul? My mind?
How can it be-
Dust unto dust?
When a part of me remains behind.
My heart is engraved with each red-letter day
Now that he's gone, to that silent land, that lonely land.
Bright dreams of the past
Cannot be destroyed
Long may my heart with such memories be filled.
I live with the hope
That tomorrow may bring,
A balm for the sorrow,
Relief from the pain.
My heart is full, to the bursting point.
My mind is tormented, and full of despair.
I pray for the strength
Thou givest the burdened.
For my soul reaches out, to search for him there.
My mind lets go of his life, so short
Love-kept memory of a lovely thing,
Pressed close into the treasury of my heart,
Softening the stagger of death's cruel blow.
I don't want to be one who never sees
The stars shining through
The dark stormy clouds,
Who, hopeless, lays his loved one away,
And sees not the breaking of day.
That the struggle of Death is overcome by Life,
And Love never gives it's own away.
While heartbreak's memory is memory still,
And time and eternity meet and blend,
I can feel his touch, I can hear his voice.
I look beyond obscuring clouds,
Sure that the light is there,
And pray that the load
Becomes lighter to bear.

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