CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Show Me The Way (C) 5-23-2010


Absolutely beautiful, I adore her,
My body needs her,
I just can’t figure it out,

Will it be?
Can it be?

I never see her, only in my dreams
I never speak to her, only in my mind
And even though we are so far away,

Oddly she’s the only thing on my mind.

When we’re together I feel a universal bond,
Much stronger than an atom bomb inside a super-nova

Her heart has become a black hole,
And I can never reach the end,

Her very fragrance clouds my nose from anything else

More gracious than a flower more fluent than air,

How could she know how I feel?
How much I want her?
Could she even care less about me?

The same care that I feel for her maybe,

Do I ever cross her mind, I try to focus
But it’s hard to see when you’re staring into the sun,

I need her, I love her,
I would live life over and over again,
Just for her to show me the way to her heart.

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Nice depiction about the fire in you. This is the age that kindles the fire of attraction to the opposite sex. Don't loose your target for the sake of Love. It is easy to get lost in the jungle called Infatuation. Take advise from your parents or elders. They know which road will lead to where.