Show Me The Way

Take me by the hand and lead me.
Teach me that the Lord is the Key.
Make me believe and see and my spirit will be the best that it
could be.
Don't leave me unaware that there's a place upstairs, where the
birds will fly high and there will be no planes in the sky.
Where the grass will be green and people will never grow mean,
where we all will be on God's team.
Help me to believe that it will be more than a dream.
That in the end, it will be reality to me.
Whereas, my soul will be set free.
Tell me that by getting on my knees will make God pleased.
That by bowing my head will keep me fed.
That by living in the way in which God will have me to, will
keep me as good as new.
Therefore, I would not be drawn to things that aren't true.
So that in the end, I would know that I'm a child of the Lord,
so that I would not have followed those of a fraud.
Give to me the knowledge, that it was my Lord, who died on that old rugged cross.
For a special and precious cause, so that my soul would not be
Whereas, my heart would be touched, during times I may be weakened because times are rough.
Knowing that it is His gentle hand, that leads me to understand
that He is the most Grand.
Whether at home in Heaven or on this great land, my life will not
be simply bland.
That when He returns there will be sounds of a trumpet of a band.
That when standing in a field, I would be chosen among the few,
He would be here to carry me back to the Promised Land; PARADISE,
where the skies will continue to stay blue.

by Marlene Taylor

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