(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Show Your Love

Don't just say you love.
To expect others should know,
What you have discovered is a commitment.
Show your love.
Let it known even to those,
Who have been left to believe...
Love can be only expressed to address it,
When out shopping for new clothes...
To adorn and impress.

And so many confuse the meaning of love,
In a way that is seen to hear others say...
'I love what you are wearing.
Where you live and the car you drive.
I love how you appear in public.
And how the wind blows through your hair,
As you toss it aside to remove it from your eyes.
You've got 'it' going on.'

To leave you alone at home to wonder...
What is love?
Then you find reason to shop for a new weave.
To cover up a heart,
That isn't fulfilled nor are you pleased.

Don't say you love,
To the men, women or the kids in your life.
Show your love to them.
Let them know you know,
The meaning and purpose to show them what it is.

'Jesus, my God...
Where on Earth is your hair? '

~I got rid of it.
Others loved it too much.
And a love I wanted to feel just wasn't there.~

'What about Bob? '

~He doesn't care.
He has grown to love his dreads.
And he says his identity found,
Isn't going anywhere.~

Some folks just don't know what love is,
To keep it valued.
Well, anyway...
Good luck with that.
I'm going to shop for a new hat,
To cover up my new weave I bought last week.'

~How many hats can be worn on one head?
And at the same time? ~


~I'm just talking out loud and to myself.
Thanking God how you have come,
To validate the love I feel.
With it realized the doing of it done,
Is to keep it felt real and natural.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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