How lowdown,
Can a showdown already low go.
With a doing of intended pretense,
To represent a democracy mocked...
By a consented smearing,
Of a greatness whirling into a cesspool.
Whatever is meant to keep deluded.
As a lawlessness continues,
To include an exclusive corruption done.
Lead by a leadership,
Dumping conflict and confusion...
On everyone.

How lowdown can this showdown,
Already low go.
That reveals and exposes,
An abusing of the constitution.
As well as the people.
Left with no other option to choose.
But to witness in living color.
Or black and white if preferred.
This lowdown should prove,
No one is exempt.
From having their lives,
And the quality of it to witness...
With few left of their elected officials,
Doing a thing to prevent...
More 'bling' to collect.
To prioritize this kept,
With a nonstop keeping in their pockets.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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