Memories Of Home

Today I passed our old home place
Of so many years ago
It looked so sad and lovely now
Just drove by so very slow.

The old clothes line hanging still
Maple trees upon the hill
Where my children used to play
Now, only memories of yesterday.

by Blanche Dean

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A very funny poem Herbert. :) Sincerely, Mary
Very, very good Herbert, and it was nice to have some humour in it too, it made me smile. Thanks, I needed that. Love Ernestine XXX
As we say here in the South, Legally blind, my hind foot! Feeling your way in place of eyesight, Uhhuh! ! and as the kids say nowadays, Yeah, Right. Ha, very funny poem. Scarlett
Mmmm, Herbert...what a fun poem. Raynette
Light and winking, this! 'Legally blind'... I bet! ! ! Thanks for the laugh. Esther : ]
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