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Shower For Your Brain
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Shower For Your Brain

Poem By Theorem The Truth Serum

Demoralizing the 'enemy'
is about as moral as burning
some women and calling
them witches because they
are going against beliefs,
they have the right to their
own beliefs do they not?
We speak of propaganda
as being mortal sin but
it is actually an immortal sin
because it will never go away.
We are taught lies as children
what makes you think that we
aren't as we reach adulthood?
Did you hear? Christopher Columbus
is now the new candidate for the
republican party for this new election.

We say that the Muslim community
is politically brainwashed do we not?
Are we not brainwashed as well?
Is every family and child of these
Muslim countries our enemy?
Are they really a part
of this political struggle?
Is it right for another country
to challenge the morals
behind our policing the world?
Let's just get out a gang of duct tape
and tape them helplessly to a chair
and stuff their mouths with money
like we normally do.
Some people can't be bought with money.

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