Shower Her With Love

One crocodile catching a changeling child
who is running wild, fleeing from everything
as the content of her mind is so depressing,
indelible pain etched into her mind while her
anxious thoughts of criminal attack

Are driving her mad - and Scorpio, Lord and
Master of the Crocodile Castle, is rising like a
Phoenix to analyse his changeling child so as
to decide how to deal with her wish for suicide,
what can be done to ease her mind

Erase her dark memories, leave fear behind,
break out of her isolation and take the helping
hand that is held out to her for now - and the
question is - can this Crocodile and a fierce
Scorpion help to change her feelings of

Desperate fear into the security of knowing that
she has a Phoenix father and Crocodile mother
who will assist her in finding happiness again -
building her self-esteem by finding her purpose
in life - one aspect of my changeling child

Is to give a crocodile mom the chance to shower
her with the love she needs - I wish to nurture all
those needing wisdom and love who cross my
path - Carine is my changeling child in need
of the care I wish to give…

[14 January 2015]

by Margaret Alice Second

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Give that love! You can do it!